Photo Courtesy of: Jess  IG:@jxssclxrk

Photo Courtesy of: Jess IG:@jxssclxrk

2EazyTre (Demartez Thomas) is a Hip Hop Artist from the DMV.  Living in his hometown of Lexington Park, Maryland, he grew up playing football from a young age at 5 to attending the University of Lynchburg.  His college career was short, but he never quit pursuing his career in music. 

2EazyTre’s musical inspiration comes from his uncle (Shout out to Melvon Thomas), and inspiring mainstream artists such as the late Tupac and Biggie.  Also, Nas, Chris Brown, Outkast, Rodwave, Nelly, P Diddy, and many other musical greats were a great inspiration to him.   Having a versatile taste in music, it’s no surprise that 2EazyTre is able to be versatile in his own music.  In his music, you can hear the DMV roots, but you can also hear a blend of R&B, East Coast, and West Coast vibes.  Being able to produce these blends of sounds together makes it easy for 2EazyTre to step outside of the Hip Hop/ R&B genres and explore his art form in other genres. 

“My music style is based off DMV music but also R&B, East Coast and West Coast style. I’m very versatile. I like to change and do new things and expand my range in music with different genres”. 

2EazyTre’s versatility allows him to work with many artists.  In fact, he’s worked with many other talented artists from Lexington Park and the DMV area.    Once in the industry, his goal is to record a track with Rising Star Rodwave. 

2Eazy Tre has also performed at many venues on the East Coast and Down South.  The DMV is considered the top of the South and the Bottom of the East, so he’s able to travel and perform in both regions. 

2EazyTre’s plan is to have fun creating music that will inspire people and give them great vibes.  When people listen to his music, he wants them to hear his story. 

In the future 2EazyTre plans to eventually step into the world of acting. 

2EazyTre has a vision to build a foundation for his children and family.  He also plans to build his own business that will assist the homelessness population in his community and surrounding areas. 

 “I see myself in the hills in my own place with my family and children.  I want to be a motivational speaker.  I want to start my own business helping to get our homeless citizens off the streets, and try giving them a new life and a chance to be somebody.  I will help them reconnect with family, I will build a dynasty.”